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Caretta Records, the first DJ and Producer DJBUL Team trademark of the educational team. The country's top artists and hit DJ & Producer, with the qualification as a result of a combination of country music production industry, such as Caretta Records, withthe power to represent the digital platform has been one of the few record companies.

Our country's young music lovers, and they may arise from an unusually fidgety youngcandidates for production planning to play a major role for themselves in the foreground subtractions Caretta Records team in the entertainment industry in this regard is already performing arts as a young talented DJ and Producer DJ promotion projects in construction and production is initiated.

The European music industry, foreign travel and foreign connections are oftenemployees of the following Caretta Records, their music platform in Europe to securea series of interviews in Turkey, the pulse of the record industry emphasize that they are in the process of working hard. The only records left at the door of being ordinarycompany, Caretta Records, the new technology is breathing Istanbul / Fulya studios of different artists in a new introduction, in production, arrangements, while continuing with unabated strength of cover versions edit DJBUL Team & DJ Brothers Productionteam at every opportunity that they renew. Caretta Records, only the EP / Label is notfirm. Targeted locations in the world of music until you all Entertainment, whichembodies the will to mobilize services.

Caretta Records, music lovers and artists in our understanding of the principles andranked as follows.

Right time

Right place

Correct construction

True music

Towards the target

True artist

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