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James Wolfer – Land of Fire

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Aircat – Fairytale

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Arman Bercin – Freakz

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James Wolfer – Land of Fire (Out now on Beatport)

Azerbaijani young talent James Wolfer continues his professional carrier with his first album that he has been working on for a long time after his successful radio shows. James Wolfer has been working on his upcoming song “Land of Fire” in the best studios of Miami, that he is preparing to release with one of Europe’s most important production companies Caretta Records. Electro and EDM sounds have been used. A few days before his first project the young talent James Wolfer who has reported that his second single is on the way, completed all of his music education in the most important DJ and Music Schools of Europe.

21 August 2015 New Release Read more

Arman Bercin – Freakz (Out now on Beatport)

A former national swimmer, Arman Bercin, after a successful music education has been receiving positive reactions by his followers and audience for his radio shows. In order to reach out to a bigger crowd and to improve his musical products he has started his first album project after the positive period, and started the improvement with important producers. It’s been decided to release the first single, the first product of this period; “FreakZ”. He is releasing his first album, signing with the Caretta Records which has a fanbase of young audience for its music productions lately.

21 August 2015 New Release Read more

Aircat – Fairytale (Out now on Beatport)

Successful young talent DJ Aircat, known for being close to the world of entertainment and organization, has come to the end of his long lasting studio prep. DJ Aircat, preparing to share his first single project in a few days, succeeded to work with the world’s most important music studios for his first single “Fairytale”, and signed with the world’s most popular production company Caretta Records. The “Fairytale” project came up with the progressive sounds mixed by EDM. Successful young talent DJ Aircat has already been impatiently waiting to receive the feedbacks and comments on his improvement with his song “Fairytale”.

21 August 2015 Music Read more

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